Cannabis Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most well-known phytocannabinoid derived from Cannabis/Hemp plants for its large range of highly therapeutic and immune boosting qualities.

Tetrahyrdocannabidiol (THC) is another well-known phytocannabinoid, popularised recreationally for its psychoactive effects, but has been proven to be a powerful therapeutic agent, especially when it comes to pain and inflammation.

No, CBD has a remarkable safety profile. If there is THC present in the extract (in higher concentrations than CBD) then the CBD oil can make you feel “high”, with a potency proportional to your dosage. If there is a higher ratio of CBD to THC present in your oil, then the “high” feeling is negated by CBD outcompeting THC at your brain.

Plant-derived or endogenous lipid-based retrograde neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2). There are over 100 types of Phytocannabinoids (other than THC and CBD) produced in cannabis plants, some of which are analogous to Endocannabinoids (Anandamide and 2-AG) produced in your body. These interact with your cannabinoid and other receptors throughout your body.

  • Cannabigerol (CBG) = appetite stimulant, inflammation, depression, anxiety, anti-fungal
  • Cannabichromine (CBC) = inflammation, depression, anxiety, anti-pathogenic
  • Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) = appetite suppression, inflammation, anticonvulsant
  • Cannabidivarin (CBDV) = anticonvulsant
  • Cannabinol (CBN) = sedative, cancer cell growth suppressant

A large group of hydrocarbons found in essential oils (i.e. linalool is the active in lavender oil) and are known for their diverse effects in neurotransmission, metabolism and immunity. There are over 300 types produced across different strains, which are analogous to those derived from other medical herbs. These are also only required in nano-to-micro doses for therapeutic effects to occur.

  • Linalool (Lavender Oil) = insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, pain, convulsions
  • Pinene (Pine Needles) = inflammation, asthma, bronchitis
  • Eucalyptol (Eucalyptus) = inflammation, asthma, mucus, pain
  • Terpineol (Basil) = sedative, anti-spasm and -twitches
  • Limonene (Citrus) = anxiety, depression, focus, anti-pathogenic
  • Myrcene (Thyme) = inflammation, cancer, sedative, analgesic
  • Caryophyllene (Rosemary) = inflammation, anti-septic
  • Borneol (Mint) = stress, fatigue and immunity
  • Isolates are highly refined cannabis extracts which consist only of one type of compound (CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, etc…). These are much less effective than broad and full spectrum extracts and have limiting therapeutic qualities. They should be used to raise the concentration of certain cannabinoids within broad/full spectrum concentrates, rather than supplemented in an isolated form.
  • Broad spectrum extracts are slightly processed concentrates which contain a wide range (but not all) of the compounds present in the plants trichomes. These are very effective for specialised/personalised supplements to bring about specific/desired effects.
  • Full spectrum extracts are highly beneficial concentrates which contains all the terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, etc… present within the plants trichomes. These are used for balancing your body and combatting a range of different ailment simultaneously, whereby your body has the option to actively select which compounds it needs to maintain homeostasis in different cells.

These plants are related to each other but differ in a few ways. Hemp is widely used for industrial purposes (textiles, oil, animal feed, etc…) whereas cannabis is used both recreationally and medically. Cannabis is rich in terpenes, flavonoids, anthocyanins and cannabinoids and hemp may contain a few cannabinoids (mainly CBD) has little therapeutic compounds.

Hemp oil can refer to a few completely different forms of oil/extract derived from Cannabis sativa plants, of which are generally cannabinoid free. Hemp CBD oil is derived from industrial hemp, which has very little therapeutic value due to the lack of terpenes and major cannabinoids. Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds themselves, of which have trace amounts of cannabinoids (little therapeutic value) but are a very healthy supplement packed with essential oils and amino acids.

CBD can come in water-soluble form, especially when infusing isolates. This however is ineffective on its own as you need to bind the cannabinoids to a fat carrier for them to be properly absorbed. We use innovative techniques to convert cannabinoid-bound oil carriers (such as MCT) into a water-soluble form, thereby creating a powerful CBD supplement.

No. Cannabis sativa (indica, sativa and ruderalis) strains has been selectively bred, hybridized and crossbred with wild strains for a range of different reasons (appearance, phytochemical profiles, yield, flavours, biochemical interactions and metabolism). There are so many other variables which change the plants profiles.

There are thousands of strains which have completely different and even opposite profiles and physical effects on you. The combinations of different actives, cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, essential oils, and other phytomolecules are endless and can be used to create personalised supplements.

Your Body Chemistry

These contain plant-derived compounds which are analogous to and/or synergistic with naturally occurring neuromodulators/transmitters and metabolites, that occur in your body. The main function of your endocannabinoid system is to bring balance (homeostasis) to your body’s endogenous systems (endocrine, nervous, GIT, lymphatic, etc…) whether they are over- or under-stimulated.

This is the phenomena which refers to the synergistic effects between different combinations and ratios of cannabinoids and molecules such as terpenes, anthocyanins and flavonoids. These hundreds of different molecules synergise for enhanced and/or specialised/personalised balancing effects. This comes into play when using broad or full spectrum extracts and does not happen with isolates.

Due to the fact that this powerful plant was prohibited until recently, there have only been a few clinical trials done on its medical value, which makes it difficult to make specific claims on ailments/diseases. There are however extensive reports on health benefits anti-inflammation, neuro-regeneration, lower blood pressure and induced metabolic homeostasis.

The human body (and all other vertebrates) contains an endocannabinoid system that naturally produces cannabinoids for regulating immunity, hormones, pain, sleep, mental stability, appetite, cardiovascular system, GIT and cognition.

Endocannabinoids act as messengers which communicate via CB1 and CB2 (and other non-cannabinoid) receptors. They are NOT neurotransmitters but rather neuromodulators which are released on demand to control the activity of neurotransmitters.

This refers to endocannabinoids (anandamide and 2-AG), their receptors (CB1 and CB2) and the enzymes involved in their production/degradation. These receptors are present in every endogenous system in your body (CNS, endocrine, digestive, lymphatic, immune, etc…) and its main function is to maintain homeostasis (metabolic balance) in your cells for optimal metabolic processing. Collectively they directly and indirectly assist in regulating your immunity, bone and joint health, cardiovascular function, muscle tension, as well as neurological and cognitive function.

Cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2 are G-protein coupled receptors found on cell membranes throughout your body. They play a role in regulating the permeability of cell membranes for certain metabolites to enter and/or exit the cells.

CB1 receptors are mainly found in your brain, lungs, vascular system, muscles, gastrointestinal tract and reproductive organs, whereas your CB2 receptors are present in your spleen, bones and skin. Both CB1 and CB2 receptors are present in the immune system, liver, bone marrow and pancreas.

This will vary with everybody, but many people report improvements after their very first dose, and you will generally see noticeable changes within the first 48 hrs. if you do not notice any improvements you need to up your dose.

Many factors and reports indicate that CBD oil is most beneficial when used consistently over time, indicating that it may build up in the endocannabinoid system.

The half-life of CBD when ingested is 1-3 days, but after high dosages for long periods of time it could take between 3-7 days.

This is dependent on many different aspects with the main one being the route of administration: inhalation and transmucosal can have effects within seconds to a few minutes; topical and sublingual within a few minutes; and the slowest onset effects (but longest lasting) are experienced from oral ingestion.

How To's

Unless you’re in a chronic circumstance, its recommended to start with smaller doses of lower concentrations and then slowly titrate your dose upwards. Whenever you titrate your dose, continue the same dose for 2-3 days before increasing it further.

Your approach to using CBD is often chosen based on your ailment/s you are attempting to treat. It can be taken topically (creams, salves, gels), transmucosally (sublingual, nasal-spray, suppository), inhalation (smoking, vaping, inhalers) and orally (pills, edibles, oils).

Tinctures, capsules, inhalation and transmucosal products are great for systemic relief and have different onset reaction times and bioavailability. Topicals are generally used for localised pain/inflammation and/or skin ailments but can also be used under foot soles or wrists for systemic effects.

Generally it is not necessary as they the supplement is supplied in an oil carrier. 

Contact us on or chat to a medical professional with a background in naturopathic/holistic healing.

Yes, we encourage you to understand the power of this awesome plant from seed to product. When you know the entire process, it helps you understand the greater value of a final product,  


Anxiety is a very complex condition whereby CBD has proven to have anxiolytic and anti-psychotic effects, but in a very small population it may induce or increase existing anxiety.

Just like humans, all animals (including dogs, cats, birds and even fish) contain an endocannabinoid system and can benefit from phytocannabinoid treatment. The dosage will depend on your pets’ size and state of health, but we do recommend chatting with your vetenarian.

We highly recommend that you should avoid all hemp/cannabis-derived products to avoid any issues with testing. While many of our products are THC-free, there is always the risk of false-positives.

There are many forms of extractions created using solvent less (kief, rosin, hash) or solvent-based (hydrocarbons, CO2, vegetable oils, glycerine) approaches. These produce a variety of products which can be used in completely different forms. The main aim of any extraction is to collect and concentrate the active ingredients from trichomes (little plant glands) mainly found on female flowering plants.

Many people are using toxic, limiting and/or carcinogenic compounds (isopropanol, butane, propane, denatured alcohol) to extract cannabis. These compounds are often left in the final concentrate as residuals, which can often cause more damage than the actual cannabinoids can fix. Ensure your products are safe.

CBD does not generally bring about side effects but everyone reacts differently to full spectrum extracts taken in high concentrations which is why a very small portion of cannabis users may experience adverse side effects (dry mouth, lightheaded). These side-effects can be negated by drinking lemon water.

No, cannabinoids do not have addictive properties and are actually being used more and more as a powerful tool in treating addictions. However when cannabis is used recreationally, it makes you comfortable in your current state of being, which can be negative.

CBD is metabolised by a group of enzymes known as CYP450, of which many other pharmaceutical drugs are metabolised by. Therefor CBD may block some drugs from binding to these receptors. You should consult a medical professional with holistic/naturopathic backgrounds.


We believe in increasing the efficacy and bioavailability of our active compounds rather than increasing the concentrations thereby making better quality products at more affordable prices. Our processes involve using nanoemulsion technology alongside ozone infusion techniques. Our final products are then further enhanced through imparting subtle-resonance energy in geometrical patterns using sound and light to restructure the molecules for greater efficacy.

You would generally need to store them in cool, dry areas with no direct exposure to light or heat. In other cases, the special storage conditions for certain products.

With proper storage, the quality of most of the products can be maintained for up to two years. They are barcoded and have expiry dates on each product.

Medibles are oral CBD supplements in the form of edible treats: beverages, gummy bears, chocolate, coffee, etc…

Sublingual (under tongue) supplement for high bioavailability and fast absorption. These are not for swallowing, as the actives will interact with digestive enzymes and be absorbed differently.

Topicals are incredible for localised pain/inflammation relief and enables you to supplement with high THC, without the risk of any psychoactive effects.

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– The Herbal Tincture is a powerful combination of immune boosting herbs enhanced with a good ratio of CBD. This is used for assisting with symptoms of immunity and degenerative disorders. Together with our innovative enhancement protocols, we have further enhanced the therapeutic value and bioavailability of all the actives.

– Probiotics are the perfect everyday supplement for general health, immunity, cellular function, mental stability and better digestion. The microbes (bacteria, yeast, etc…) which live in your gut are known as your gut microbiome. These microbes are essential for bringing general homeostasis (balance) to your body, and your microbiome is recognized as your “second brain” due to direct interactions with your brain and immune system. We offer CBD-infused probiotics as an all-round supplement AND Kombucha (Fermented Probiotic Tea) which is an enjoyable beverage packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids,anti-oxidants and a powerful consortium of benefical microbes.

– Insomnia and restless sleep are very prevalent problems we have encountered and our Sleeping Capsules are an incredible combination of anxiolytic, sleep-enhancing herbs, complemented with a dose of CBD to enhance their effects. These are a great natural alternative to sleeping pills.


Common Conditions

Skin condition where your sebaceous glands overporduce oil in response to hormones (produced in adrenal glands) after puberty. This occurs on your face, back, neck, chest, shoulders, arms, and includes black heads, cysts and nodules. Cannabis is anti-inflammatory and anti-aging and your skin is teeming with cannabinoid receptors therefore topicals are incredible for combatting this issue. 

Symptoms of this include having a lack of focus, self-control and cognitive function as a result of dopamine deficiency in the brain. Cannabinoids interact with dopamine regulating receptors and help stabilise its levels to alleviate symptoms of ADHD.

Autism is an entire spectrum of complex neurobehavioural conditions which begin early in life and can effect cognititon and even physical development. THC and CBD assist with stabilising dysfunctional behaviours directly and indirectly through assisting with moods, sleep, seizures, reliance on pharmaceuticals, etc… Its also highly recommended to maintain a healthy gut microbiome (using probiotics) to assist with balancing your body, hormones and neurotransmitters.

This neurodegenerative disease begins in your arms and legs, leads to muscle mass loss and eventually results in cognitive impairment and dementia. Studies have showed that using cannabis decreases oxidative damage and excitotoxicity, whereby it would help slow the development of ALS and ease the other symptoms such as depression, pain, anxiety, etc…

Anorexia is a complex disorder associated with lack of appetite, refusal to eat and even stems into Bulimia. Cannabis is well-known for its ability to give you the “munchies”, as well as its complex interactions in your brain and body which would help combat anorexia.

Complex neurological condition which comes in many forms as a result of a range of different stimuli and can cause panic attacks, PTSD, OCD and stress. CBD relaxes your mind and counteracts many effects which would otherwise cause anxiety.

Arthritis affects millions of adults and even children, but gets progressively worse with age. This is highly uncomfortable can really affect ones quality of life. Cannabis has incredible anti-inflammatory properties and interacts directly with CB2 receptors present on your joints. It can help with immediate pain relief topically, and can be prevented systemically through supplementation.

Overproduction of mucus and blockage/constriction of air-passages which results in wheezing or coughing, and can even be life-threatening. Cannabis is anti-inflammatory and acts as a powerful bronchodilator, thereby helping counteract asthma.

Cancer is a spectrum of diseases whereby the regular cell cycle is disrupted and they start to grow out of control. When cannabinoids attatch to cancer cells, they stimulate the production of ceramide, which kills the cancerous cells. Cannabis also indirectly assists with cancer as it helps alleviate the symptoms from both

Inflammation in the digestive tract which leads to abdominal pain, diarrhea, dyssentia and can even be fatal. In this case it is highly recommended to supplement with probiotics to re-establish your gut microbiota. CBD also stimulates the production of immune cells which directly counter Crohn’s disease.

Dementia is a term for neurodeterioration caused by Alzheimers disease or as a result of a stroke. Researchers have shown that THC can remove Amyloid plaque build-ups, indicating that it could assist in reversing damage from Alzheimers. CBD also regulates an overactive immune system.

Depression is an overused term which ranges from mildly sad to clinically depressed, and results in stress, exhaustion, irritability, migraines, lack of self-esteem or motivation or can result in self-harm. Cannabis oil can help alleviate all the symptoms associated with depression and can physically help heal your brain through homeostatic maintenance. CBD also directly influences your serotonin levels and THC can have similar effects to anti-depressants.

Type 1 diabetes is caused by insulin resistance which results in an inability to absorb sugar. Type 2 diabetes is as a result of bad lifestyle decisions and can worsen or even be reversed. Cannabinoids regulate blood sugar levels and assist in metabolism. THCV is a special cannabinoid (found in South African land races) being studied for its therapeutic effects in diabetes treatment.

This neurological disorder causes seizures in varying severities and is a result of genetics, trauma, head injuries and tumours. CBD reduces inflammation in the brain and stimulates glutamate, thereby calming agitated neurons. It also alleviates many of the side effects of epilepsy such as stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Patients suffer from varying degrees of pain throughout their body and often puts major pressure on ones quality of life. Cannabis can help alleviate pain and inflammation as well as relieves side effects such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, IBS, etc..

A common eye condition caused by optic nerve damage and can lead to blindness. It is a neurodegenerative disease which could be linked to others such as Alzheimers. Cannabinoids play a vital part in regulating inflammation and neuroprotection, and have shown to decrease intraocular pressure.

Complex condition with many variations involving heart and/or blood vessel dysfunction. This often results from bad lifestyle decisions but can also be genetic. CBD is a strong vasorelaxant which reduces pressure in the blood vessels. It also has a strong influence on white blood cells, their migration and the accumulation of platelets.

This viral disease causes immunodeficiency through the destruction of T-lymphatic helper cells (CD4) which inhibits a patient from having the ability to fight infections. This deadly condition causes major implications to ones quality of life. Cannabis can assist with alleviating all its associated symptoms, as well as help enhance your immune system. It also helps counter all the negative side effects caused by the prescribed medication.

This is the root of most diseases including autoimmune diseases and it can cause major damage to your cells. Cannabis oil is a natural anti-inflammatory with little to no side effects. It also offers innate immunosuppressive qualities and can be used to counter inflammation in the brain, central nervous system and immune system.

Devastating inflammatory diseases which attacks your bodys organs and tissues which can result in unbearable pain. Cannabis oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. This will also ensure lower stress levels, better sleep and mental stability.

All women experience midlife hormonal changes in their body which have enormous impacts on their emotional and physical well-being. Cannabis can reduce the side effects experienced from hormonal fluctuations as well as supplement endocannabinoid deficiencies which result from this condition. Cannabis can help calm and reduce stress, anxiety and depression as well as manage appetite and sleep.

Severe headaches with pulsing or throbbing sensations which can result in nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to loud noises or bright light. Cannabis immediately treats inflammation in the brain and helps increase blood circulation. It also helps prevent the side-effects of a migraine by blocking receptors involved in nausea and vomiting.

This neurodegenerative disease is disabling when present in the brain or spinal cord, and results in dysfunctional communications. between the brain and body. Cannabis can be used to heal the immune system, help prevent further neural-degradation and alleviate muscle pains.

Obesity is as a result of eating disorders, and it comes with an array of side effects including depression, fatigue, anxiety, discomfort, etc… Cannabis can not only alleviate these symptoms, but certain combinations of cannabinoids can actually suppress your appetite. These strains often contain high concentrations of a cannabinoid known as THCV

Bones become weakened, deformed, lose mass and can therefore fracture easily. Your skeleton contains CB1, CB2 and other receptors which interact with cannabinoids, which enables cannabis to treat osteoporosis directly and indirectly from alleviating its associated symptoms.

Localised and/or systemic pain can be treated using cannabis supplementation and topicals. Pain is as a result of inflammation and cannabinoids directly counteract inflammation.

Parkinsons symptoms include shaking, stiffness, muscle contractions, lack of coordination and eventually weakens cognition and causes dementia. Many symptoms occur from the lack of dopamine production. Cannabis directly increases dopamine levels and reduces shaking, anxiety and other associated symptoms.

Extreme anxiety which results after the occurrence of a traumatic event whereby certain situations can cause anxiety attacks to occur. THC specifically, is one of the cannabinoids which directly assists in combatting this disorder through its interactions with your brain. CBD on the other hand has anti-anxiety effects which slow down or reduce the risk of having panic attacks.

Mental (psychotic) disorder whereby a person experiences discomfort, disorientation and a misrepresentation of reality. They often hear voices in their heads and are overly paranoid and are known to lack motivation and concentration. CBD has anti-psychotic effects and, along with its overall balancing activity on your body, it can bring a person to a mentally stable state.

In order for you to properly function during the day, a good night sleep is essential. One of the most common uses of cannabis is its ability to assist in ensuring a good night sleep whereby it not only can make you tired but can help maintain a good quality sleep.

Stress is one of the most dangerous things to our bodys and is the result of many disorders and imbalances. Cannabis oil can treat the cause of stress as well as all of its associated symptoms. It promotes tranquil feelings and reduces anxiety.

Strokes have many of the same symptoms as a heart attack and can result in a range of symptoms and deadly problems. Many studies have proven that CBD is effective in inhibiting glutamate damage by blocking it, which saves brain cells from oxygen starvation.

A complex disorder characterised by involuntary twitches and vocal tics. THC has proven to be helpful reducing frequency and intensity of these tics.